Floof Audio
Welcome! We're Floof Audio, a small team from Oslo, Norway, dedicated to creating innovative VST3 plugins. Have fun exploring our site and get all our plugins through our ko-fi shop ☕☕☕


  • Give your paws full control over your MIDI notes
  • Optimized for both live and studio
  • Use with external instruments or use internal sine synth


  • Play all your synths from one keyboard
  • Filter and randomize MIDI channels
  • Optimized for both live performance and studio

Latest News

New Ko-fi shop up and running! 2024-05-19
We have made the switch from Gumroad to Ko-fi as our sales platform. Paw Control is no longer available on Gumroad, but if you’ve already downloaded it from there, you’ll still have access to your files. Visit our ko-fi shop to get Paw Control and future plugins.

Mac OS validation 2024-05-23
Paw Control for Mac OS is now fully validated by Apple. Welcome all Mac users!🐶

Paw Control version 1.1 out now! 2024-05-16
Our latest version of Paw Control has finally been released!🥳🎉
You will now get:

  • Chance-knob for every random control.
  • Two new knobs for deciding the direction of the algorithms.
  • Plugins range: Let paw control do work on only the notes you choose.
  • All new controllers are attachable to save slots.
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Tutorials and manual will be updated shortly!